mobile restorative massage therapy


mobile restorative massage

In-Home & Office Massage By Donni Tompkins

In the 20 years since I began my training as a massage therapist, I continue to fall in love with this vocation and the difference I make in people's wellbeing. I still feel honored that strangers invite me to touch them in faith that I am going to aid them in feeling better. I have worked with infants up to 95-year-olds. I often am called when a person is not feeling their best, had a long flight or is going through a migraine and I love hearing back from people all the many ways therapeutic massage has helped.

I think of it as "Wholistic" because of the 10s of thousands of people who report back to me with the wonderful experiences that massage has helped them to achieve:


MY Phone Number:

(727) 643-1848

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Pain & Stress Levels

Fatigue Symptoms

Inflammation, Swelling, Bloat

Stiffness In Joints

Sleeplessness & Restlessness

Feelings of anxiety or overwhelm

Scar tissue or Fascial Restriction

Discomfort during Pregnancy

Sinus Congestion

Face puffiness


Stomach Bloat

Menstrual and Leg Cramps

Eye strain

2. Improves

Flexibility & Posture

Immune system & digestion function

Detoxification of the tissue which improves blood and lymph circulation

Feelings of greater vitality & happiness


Mental alertness

Sleep quality

Muscle Tonicity

Skin tonicity

Sport/exercise endurance

Sport/exercise recovery time

Sport/exercise qualifications

Breathing function

Blood pressure levels

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